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About Us!

Eurolink Technical Institute has A Training Facility in India (Jamshedpur) The Institute was Primarily Establish to Deliver Heavy Equipment Training Which It has Done Quite Successfully.

Eurolink Technical Institute now offers the full range of Heavy Equipment, Mobile Crane, JCB, Excavator, Grader, Hydra, Heavy Driver, and Many other industrial Training Programms. For Prospective Students, who want to Enroll any Training Programme for the new Session Enroll, we would like to announce that they could  still be Eligible for a Discount offer on training fees.

Call Us on (0657- 6510348, 09931183451, 08797919874) for Further Information.

Employment is always a big Issue when it comes to Training. The Question is often asked "are there Jobs for this post available at present

We have our own Employment programme for successful student so finding a job is generally not that difficult. The Ecomomy may be in recession, however The government is continued to come up big on infrastructural projects, so job Placements are continually being made.

Enroll new and grab your discount and look forward to a lucrative career as a Heavy Equipment operator (Mobiile, Crane JCB, Excavator, Safety Officer, Instrument Tech, Water Treatment), Plan Operator :- Argon Welding (TIG, ARC, MIG Welding). We are also offering training for hotel industry. we have started months diploma in Catering Technology and House keeping. and we are providing the jobs within the Training.


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